Paper Monitor: Page Three is sprouting

Hirsuited and booted.

Page Three is getting hairy.

Yes, the Sun's long running girl-next-door-in-the-semi-nick item has an announcement to make about Nicole. "The 21 year-old beauty has ditched her razor".

The shaving ban is in support of Armpits4August, the female version of Movember, which aims to raise awareness of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Nicole has her arm in the air in the photo and a designer has placed a circle with a pink razor crossed out over her armpit. "I was nervous about not shaving but I'll be proudly wearing my normal summer tops," she assures readers. Fans can follow her hirsute progress every day on the website.

But will her fellow Page Three girls be growing their armpits out in solidarity? On this point the paper remains silent.

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