10 things we didn't know last week

1. The notion of drunk people going on late-night cow-tipping sprees is scientifically implausible - it would take five people of average strength to topple a cow.

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2. The typical internet user has seven passwords to manage 25 online accounts.

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3. You need an 8ft-high table to ensure toast lands butter side up when dropped.

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4. A Great Dane dog was awarded the Blue Cross Medal in 1941 after she extinguished an incendiary bomb by urinating on it.

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5. Richard III suffered from a roundworm infection.

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6. Saint Martin's Summer is the traditional British phrase for warm weather well into autumn.

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7. Whales get tan lines.

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8. The earless Gardiner's frog listens with its mouth.

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9. Curved glass buildings can melt cars on a sunny day.

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10. Dutch police employ five sniffer rats.

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