Caption Challenge: Elephant march

Your witticisms for...
... a topical photo


Winning entries in the Caption Challenge.

Thanks to all who entered. There is still no prize, except the traditional small quantity of kudos.

This week, two elephants are on the march through London.

6. Valerie Ganne:

The two elephants were destined to be quite disappointed with Piccadilly Circus

5. IABP:

Elephants in the room march against unfair portrayal as an English metaphorical idiom

4. Graz Valentine:

Dumbo and Dumboer

3. Lewis:

"So tell me again. Exactly where was it that guy Noah told you to meet him?"

2. Siv Angel:

"Don't worry - as soon as we get in the room, no-one will talk about us"

1. Ocean Lynagh:

So, when you said that an elephant never forgets, you presumably weren't talking about where you parked the car?

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