10 things we didn't know last week

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1. You can determine an elephant's age by its rumble.

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2. In Somalia, the word for president also means "big head".

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3. French troops get four-course meals in their ration packs, with troops serving in Mali receiving cassoulet, deer terrine, camembert and chocolate cake.

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4. Mattresses are draped over the side of modern warships to slow down hostile grappling parties.

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5. Great British Bake-Off judge Mary Berry went to Ibiza superclub Pacha at the age of 71.

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6. There is one international zipline ride in the world, between Spain and Portugal.

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7. Fish nuggets served to US troops must contain only fish caught in American waters or by an American-flagged ship - but may use foreign breadcrumbs.

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8. A snake can eat a crocodile.

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9. According to OED, Cornish and Welsh have had less influence on the English language than Hawaiian, Swahili or Zulu.

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10. Space weather can cause trans-polar flights from Europe to America to be diverted.

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