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It's the Magazine's 7 days, 7 questions quiz - an opportunity to prove to yourself and others that you are a news oracle. Failing that, you can always claim to have had better things to do during the past week than swot up on current affairs.

7 days

1.) Multiple Choice Question

Footage of Japanese politician Ryutaro Nonomura wailing during a press conference went viral this week. What was he being accused of?

  1. Unexplained expenses
  2. Public order breach
  3. Forming breakaway party

2.) Multiple Choice Question

An inmate at a Suffolk jail has been disciplined for keeping what animal as a pet?

  1. Vole
  2. Rabbit
  3. Mynah bird

3.) Multiple Choice Question

Two friends in the US have spent six years converting a 1969 Cadillac into the "world's fastest-moving" what?

  1. Barbecue
  2. Aquarium
  3. Hot tub

4.) Multiple Choice Question

The owner of British stately home Knebworth House has revealed he's kept a collection of items from star performers. Which one of these does he NOT have?

  1. Ella Fitzgerald's teacup
  2. Noel Gallagher's soap
  3. Mick Jagger's underpants

5.) Missing Word Question

Fossil reveals early bird's feathered *

  1. tongue
  2. hat
  3. trousers

6.) Multiple Choice Question

Which actor is suing the makers of video game Grand Theft Auto V, accusing them of basing a character on her?

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Megan Fox
  3. Jessica Alba

7.) Multiple Choice Question

Which giant message did landscape gardener Andy Cameron mow into a lawn outside a hotel in Renfrewshire, Scotland?

  1. Pay me more
  2. Marry me
  3. Come on, the other Andy


  1. It was unexplained expenses. Nonomura cried and rambled incoherently but did not explain his use of public funds for travel.
  2. It was a rabbit, found at Hollesley Bay prison. It has since been handed over to an animal welfare centre.
  3. It was the hot tub. Phillip Weicker and Duncan Forster say the car, the back of which has been turned into a whirlpool bath, can reach a speed of more than 100mph.
  4. It was the soap. Henry Lytton Cobbold says the Oasis star took a bath there, but did not leave the soap. Mick Jagger's pants were left there in 1976. "They have never been washed and they have been in the safe ever since."
  5. It was the trousers. The "trousers" were probably used for display purposes.
  6. It was Lindsay Lohan. She said the Lacey Jonas character used her image and style.
  7. It was B. Cameron's unorthodox proposal to receptionist girlfriend Kayleigh Hawthorn worked. They plan to marry next summer.

Your Score

0 - 3 : Mown down

4 - 6 : Lawn and order

7 - 7 : Like a bowling green

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