10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Tortoises can run as fast as 1mph (1.6km/h).

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2. Neanderthals ate barbecue-roasted pigeon.

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3. Ant colonies have personalities.

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4. The Indian record for staff absenteeism is thought to have been set by a biology teacher who did not turn up for work for 23 years.

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5. In Oklahoma, the average marijuana joint costs the same as 2.41 bottles of Bud Light.

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6. There is a mathematical formula for happiness.

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7. Eels are adversely affected by noise pollution.

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8. Mesa, Arizona, is the most conservative large city in the United States.

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9. The average astronaut on orbiting space shuttles gets less than six hours sleep a night.

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10. Grizzly bears' bodies mimic the symptoms of type two diabetes during hibernation.

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