10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The Prince of Wales has an official harpist.

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2. Snakes squeeze tree trunks far harder than necessary.

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3. Richard III was partial to swan, crane, heron and egret, and drank a bottle of wine a day after becoming king.

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4. Classical music is the worst genre to listen to for thrifty online shopping.

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5. It used to be believed that until 1903 the Auld Alliance made it possible for French people to claim Scottish nationality and vice-versa, although there's no record of this ever actually happening.

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6. Senior technology gurus at the White House don't have to tuck their shirts in.

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7. Italy has a national law permitting hunting with bow and arrow.

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8. Baby corals and fish can smell the difference between good and decaying reefs.

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9. Whether one eats breakfast or not appears to have no impact on losing weight.

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10. River turtles chat to each other using at least six different sounds.

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