10 things we didn't know last week

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1. The most effective office regime is to work for 52 consecutive minutes and then have a 17-minute break.

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2. The modern European gene pool was formed when blue-eyed, swarthy hunters mingled with brown-eyed, pale-skinned farmers and a mysterious population with Siberian affinities.

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3. A rapid human can outrun London Underground's Circle Line between Mansion House and Cannon Street.

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4. A whale calf's clicks can paralyse a human hand for several hours.

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5. Mis-readings of the autocue result in fines for Chinese newsreaders if the mistakes build up over a three-month period.

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6. Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper took their family on a Sound of Music tour in Salzberg.

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7. Fifty years ago, "to host" was considered ugly journalese but it is actually a centuries-old verb.

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8. Lithuania has a big problem with potholes.

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9. When Richard III was killed he suffered at least 11 injuries, although some of them might have been inflicted after death.

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10. Deer mothers respond to human baby cries.

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