10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Bono wears sunglasses because he suffers from the eye condition glaucoma.

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2. Simon Cowell has a saying for people editing shots of him on X factor: two words - happy and handsome.

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3. America employs more private security guards than high-school teachers.

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4. In the late 1960s Spanish brewer Damm marketed its beer at all the family - including children.

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5. There are more bicycles in Copenhagen than people.

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6. Once a turtle starts eating a plastic bag, it is physically impossible for it to spit it out.

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7. Until this century,Spanish grape Airen was the world's most planted (by acre).

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8. It used to take invasive species 30 years to move from the Netherlands to the UK but now takes five.

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9. The most expensive pies of any English league football club are to be found at Brighton & Hove Albion - Rochdale's are the cheapest.

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10. Cooling pasta down then reheating it means you get a smaller blood sugar spike when you eat it.

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