10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Olive oil and baking powder are rubbed onto parts of the Sydney Opera House in order to maintain it.

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2. South Korean soap operas are popular in Cuba.

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3. A porcupine can fight off a pride of lions.

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4. Bats jam rivals' senses in the race for food by sabotaging their sound signals.

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5. Iran publishes three times more books than all Arab nations combined.

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6. Islamic State's supposed women's wing has launched an online recipe service for jihadist wives. Millet balls are said to go well with coffee in between battles.

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7. Taylor Swift sold more albums in seven days than the combined total of numbers two to 107 on the Billboard chart.

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8. Happiness nosedives as you hit middle age, but only if you live in the affluent West.

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8. Female tilapia fish can tell how dominant a male is by smelling his pee.

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9. The most common culprits for mistaken UFO sightings in France are Chinese lanterns.

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10. Columnist Lucy Kellaway prints out her draft pieces in Comic Sans to try and detect typos.

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