10 things we didn't know last week

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1. There is one female beer inspector in the UK (and 39 men).

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2. The Dalai Lama carries round "little treasures" in a bag - they are in fact Werther's Originals.

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3. When a person's age ends with a nine they are more likely to seek extramarital affairs, sign up for their first marathon, and run marathons faster than when they were slightly older or slightly younger.

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4. Eels can use their electric discharges to remotely control the fish they hunt.

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5. A commercial jumbo jet is a more equal place to be than America if you compare space provision on a plane with income distribution.

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6. In England, heavy drinking during pregnancy is not a crime against the unborn child.

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7. Waxworms - the larvae of wax moths - can break down plastic.

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8. One of the males in the royal lineage was probably cuckolded between the reign of Richard III and the 5th Duke of Beaufort.

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9. It's quicker - by about three hours - to read the Hobbit than watch Peter Jackson's movie trilogy.

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10. IS fighters in Syria have a weakness for Red Bull and Pringles.

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