10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Male mice sing love songs to females.

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2. Guests at Mark Zuckerberg's Game of Thrones party stick around afterwards to watch the sitcom Silicon Valley.

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3. Norfolk has its own species of man-shaped fungus.

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4. Michael Jackson made a series of prank calls to Russell Crowe.

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5. As people get older they become more tolerant of discordant music.

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6. Greater Manchester Police name all their serving horses after characters from Charles Dickens novels.

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7. Around the Mediterranean people prefer living in towns, while near the Arctic Circle it is in rural areas that people are happier.

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8. Being close to a supermarket boosts the value of a house (compared to those in the same area) unless it's an Aldi or Lidl.

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9. Aston Villa and Tottenham are the clubs that have had the most England players - 73 each.

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10. Cats like classical music, particularly the compositions of George Handel.

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