Caption Challenge: Robot road

A robot makes its way through the streets of Hanover, Germany Image copyright EPA

Winning entries in the Caption Challenge.

The competition is now closed.

This week a robot makes its way through the streets of Hanover, Germany.

Thanks to all who entered. The prize of a small amount of kudos to the following:

6. Adrian Wade:

People began to suspect Ethel's addiction to iron supplements…

5. Bill Walker:

Jeremy Clarkson prepares for his next motoring trip to Argentina

4. Frank Bushnell:

"Attention, humans, we have conquered the planet Earth. Take me to your... nearest charging point. Please."

3. Rob:

Optimus slightly past his prime

2. PedroVic:

Why can you never find a drop-kerb when you need one?

1. Sue McDermott:

The designer handbag helps this robot blend in on a busy Hamburg shopping street

Full rules can be seen here [16KB]

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