10 things we didn't know last week

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Germaine GreerImage source, Getty Images

1. Germaine Greer wrote a 30,000-word love letter to Martin Amis in 1976.

2. The Milky Way stole a star cluster from one of its neighbours.

3. You're So Vain definitely is about Warren Beatty (and two other men).

4. Vampire bats vomit up blood they've eaten and share it with their friends.

5. The first interracial kiss on UK television was broadcast in 1962.

6. Pigeons can read mammograms.

7. Bilingual people are twice as likely to recover from a stroke compared with people who speak just one language.

8. Couples who have sex once a week are the happiest.

9. English regional accents are becoming more homogenised, but the Scots accent is flourishing.

10. The global pay gap between men and women will not be closed until 2133.

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