10 things we didn't know last week

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1. Half of the world's population could be short-sighted by 2050.

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2. Stockton-on-Tees built a statue of a local hero - and got the wrong man.

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3. Dozens of Shakepeare's jokes don't work today because of changes in English pronunciation.

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4. Ford has built a test-track ridden with pot-holes in Belgium to mimic bad roads.

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5. Barbie now has a smart home with wi-fi and voice-activated lighting.

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6. Low-numbered licence plates sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars in the US state of Delaware.

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7. Sitcom Keeping up Appearances has been sold outside the UK by BBC Worldwide more times than any other show - even Top Gear.

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8. Fatter penguins are more likely to fall over on a treadmill.

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9. Ferrero Rocher can act like rotating gears.

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10. The inventor of Scrabble worked out the point values for the letters by counting letter frequency in the New York Times.

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