Sweden: Bargain Stockholm island 'was a pontoon'

When an "island" in Stockholm's archipelago went on sale at a snip, investors reportedly asked about planning permission and heating - but it turned out to be a few planks tethered to barrels.

The island chain is among the Swedish capital's most desirable locations, so buyers were quick to spot the island's $11,000 (£6,800) price tag when it appeared on the Blocket trading site. Despite photographs clearly indicating its extent - it measures just eight metres in diameter - potential buyers asked whether it had planning permission, municipal heating and plumbing, and whether it could be linked by bridge to the mainland, reports Swedish newspaper Metro. The vendor, it turns out, was Teres Selberg, a noted artist at the Royal Institute of Technology.

She told the paper it took her a fortnight to make as a "commentary on how and who gets to act in the public space and change the city". Money isn't important, she's quoted as saying, but she'd like her island - "more of a pontoon, really" - to be preserved so everyone can enjoy it. The authorities are less idealistic. "It's a hazard to navigation and must be clearly marked," a Transport Agency official is quoted as saying.

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