Ukraine: Police 'attack wrong protesters'

Ukrainian police stand next to a bus with an opposition poster stuck to the window Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Ukrainian police have been accused of taking sides in the dispute

Ukrainian riot police have allegedly beaten up a busload of government supporters, after mistaking them for opposition activists.

A coach carrying pro-government demonstrators was stopped just outside Kiev and boarded by riot police, according to anti-government activist Dmitriy Belotserkovets. Despite the passengers shouting "we're on the same side as you", police proceeded to beat them up, he said.

Speaking to Russian news website Novy Region, Belotserkovets said the coach was attacked because its number plates were from western Ukraine, from where many anti-government protesters have travelled. The group was in fact from the Crimean city of Sevastopol.

Realising their mistake, the police allowed the bloodied demonstrators to continue on their way, Belotserkovets said.

Anti-government protesters have been camping out in Kiev for more than two months since the government halted efforts to integrate with the EU. Residents of eastern Ukraine are said to have been bussed into Kiev and paid to rally in support of the government.

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