Argentina: Buenos Aires sued over CCTV on city icon

Cameras at the top of the Buenos Aires Obelisk monument Image copyright Buenos Aires Herald
Image caption It is not clear how long the CCTV cameras have been on the monument for

In Buenos Aires, people are taking the city to court for putting CCTV cameras on top of a national monument, it appears.

Police say the four cameras on the 67.5m (221ft) Obelisk will help them watch traffic in Plaza de la Republica, at the intersection of two of the city's main thoroughfares, the Buenos Aires Herald reports.

But at least one political group - the Corriente Unidad Sur - says they could also be used to watch people, since the Obelisk is a focal point for political protests, social gatherings and city nightlife.

"There is no difference between installing these cameras and cops watching us with binoculars 24 hours per day from the dome," activist Andres Perez Esquivel tells the ANDigital news website. "It distorts the cultural character of the Obelisk, which commemorates our national flag, as a symbol of unity and solidarity."

Perez Esquivel, the grandson of Nobel Peace Prize winner Adolfo Perez Esquivel, is also lobbying for the authorities to publish a map locating 2,000 cameras in the city, the Ambito website reports.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The Obelisk is a focal point for gatherings and protests in the city

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