Italy: Campaign to sell Sardinia to Switzerland

A view of Calamosca on the Sardinian coast Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Such a move could potentially give land-locked Switzerland 1,150 miles of coastline

Jokes about the Swiss Navy might be finally put to rest if a tongue-in-cheek campaign to sell an Italian island to Switzerland succeeds, it's been reported.

Nearly 4,000 people have joined the "Canton Marittimo" Facebook group, suggesting Sardinia becomes Switzerland's 27th canton to help reduce the national debt, the Swiss 20 Minutes news website reports.

Andrea Caruso, who created the Facebook page, says Sardinians have always strived for independence, and the autonomy of Swiss rule could help "exploit our land to our advantage". But he admits such a move would be unconstitutional, in an interview with the Globalist website.

The campaign appeared after Italian voters were urged to write "Canton Marittimo" on ballot papers in a recent local election. It is not known how many ballots were spoiled in this way, but a Democratic Party candidate won, the website says.

Image copyright Andrea Caruso
Image caption A new flag merges Switzerland and Sardinia

Caruso posted a new flag on the Facebook group's page, merging Sardinia's Flag of the Four Moors with Switzerland's white cross.

A straw poll on the Swiss German-language Bluewin website found readers overwhelmingly in favour of the idea, with three-quarters of voters drawn by the slogan: "Yes! Finally Switzerland will have a coastline!"

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