Italy: 'Urban' wolves get alarmingly close to humans

Italian farmers complain that wolves hunt their livestock Image copyright AFP
Image caption Italian farmers complain that wolves hunt their livestock

Italians are worried that wild wolves are becoming too comfortable making forays into towns and villages across the country, it seems.

The latest proof that the animals are getting dangerously close to humans came when a driver ran over a wolf near the northern city of Turin, Torino Today reports. In October, residents of a town in Italy's coastal region of Liguria said they saw a wolf roaming the streets in broad daylight, showing no signs that it was afraid of humans.

It is estimated that between 600 and 800 wolves live in the Italian peninsula. Although they are protected by EU law, farmers have started killing the animals, complaining that that they are increasingly hunting their livestock, according to another Italian website, The Local.

In January, farmers in Tuscany protested against what they saw as the inaction of local authorities by dumping the dead bodies of wolves in villages and towns across the central Italian region.

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