Cambodia: Ancient Angkor temples added to Street View

Google Street View image of Angkor temple Image copyright Google Maps

Cambodia's most famous ancient temple, Angkor Wat, can now be visited virtually on Google Street View, it appears.

More than a hundred historic sites in the area have also been made available with more than 90,000 panoramic images, Google says in a blog post.

The images show "how technology can change the way cultural treasures are preserved for generations to come", the search giant says. A Google Map view of Angkor Wat shows a dense network of paths accessible by Street View.

Two million tourists visit the Angkor complex every year, the Bangkok Post says. A decade-long project to restore one of the temples was completed in 2011.

The Angkor region was part of the powerful Khmer Empire, which once included parts of present-day Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The temple complex was built between the ninth and 13th centuries by Khmer kings and is a UN heritage site.

Image copyright Google Maps
Image caption The images of Angkor Wat show a vast network of paths

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