New Zealand: Couple trace ring lost in waves six years ago

Engagement ring Image copyright NZ Herald

A couple in New Zealand are hoping to claim back a unique engagement ring, which has reportedly been found six years after it was lost in the sea.

Vivienne and Jeff Ninnes say that 15 years ago, they designed the ring together, carefully choosing the main stone. But six years ago, on a beach holiday in Northland, the ring was lost in the waves while Vivienne was splashing in the water with her husband and children.

"I didn't realise I lost both the engagement ring and wedding ring until we got back to the house," she says, according to the New Zealand Herald. "We went straight back to the beach and looked. It was a heart-stopping moment when I realised they were gone."

It eventually surfaced when 83-year-old Bernard Patterson, an experienced beachcomber, was out testing his latest metal detector. He had the ring valued and gave it to police, who traced the ring back to the jeweller who made it. He recognised it immediately.

Today, the Ninnes family are trying to get their ring back from the insurance company - to whom ownership of the ring was transferred after the claim was paid out. It may already have been sold.

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