North Korea: Pyongyang experts study French cheese-making

Kim Jong-un on a food inspection Image copyright AFP
Image caption Kim Jong-un displays an interest in food production

North Korea is to send a team of food production experts to France to learn the art of cheese making and improve the quality of dairy products back home, it has been reported.

The National Dairy Industry College (ENIL) in the eastern French city of Besancon is getting ready to host three North Korean experts, the La Lettre website reports.

Their several months of training, however, will concentrate on the production of only one type of cheese - Emmental. The website says the "cheese diplomacy" project was prompted by the North Korean leader's fondness for Emmental. This was apparently the favourite school snack of Kim Jong-un, who is reported to have studied in Switzerland. The main task of the North Korean experts is to implement their newly learnt skills at the Pyongyang cheese dairy, which has been unable to replicate the "requisite quality" of the cheese.

Neighbouring South Korea is a big cheese importer. According to US-based website Quartz, "South Korea's cheese binge is driving American milk prices to an all-time high". Pizza is huge in South Korea, the website explains, adding that the top-four pizza chains in the country are now sourcing cheese from the US.

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