Iran: TV bans actors with plastic surgery

Iranian woman after cosmetic surgery Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Cosmetic surgery is commonplace in Iran, particularly among young women.

A state-run TV channel in the Iranian capital Tehran is banning all actors who have undergone cosmetic surgery, it appears.

"Those actors and actresses who have undergone aesthetic surgery will be excluded from our lists," says Ali Akbar Mahmudi-Mahrizi, the head of the film and TV series department at Tehran Channel. ISNA news agency also reported that the ban is being put in place to "prevent aesthetic surgery from becoming contagious among actors and actresses".

Tehran Channel broadcasts to the Iranian capital and its surroundings.

The move has drawn scorn from some social media users. One quipped that nose jobs were likely to become "the biggest concern for the cows and donkeys" in the Iranian parliament, while another pleaded that some of the more familiar faces on Iranian TV be given less airtime.

Enforcing the ban may be difficult given how widespread cosmetic surgery is in Iran, particularly among young women. Since the Islamic revolution in 1979, Iran has become one of the world's leading centres for cosmetic surgery and Tehran has been called "the nose job capital of the world".

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