Iran: 'flag' fashion show flops in Tehran

Iranian models Image copyright

A fashion show in Tehran has upset Iranian authorities by using variations of the national flag and pictures of animals in its designs, it's reported.

Models at the World Cup-themed show were sent down the runway draped in garments based on flag designs, animal logos and sport motifs. Conservative TV channels covering the event criticised the clothes and were also not happy that men were in the audience. Two studios who organized and designed the show have been cautioned by the authorities, according to Iran's state-run Channel One TV.

"We cannot ignore insults against the word Allah and our holy flag," an article in the conservative Javan newspaper said. It called the event a "fashion house of Western banality" and said that the clothing did not live up to the religious and cultural standards of Iranians.

Some critics took particular issue with a design which altered the calligraphy of the flag. "Eliminating the 'Allah' emblem from the flag and replacing it with the photo of an animal which is said to be the Iranian panther, and making indecent and ugly clothes with this altered flag to show what has to be concealed and to attract the attention of unrelated men does not leave much to say," Javan commented.

The agency behind the show, Violet - which describes itself as the "first Iranian modelling agency" - originally planned it with the support of the National Fashion and Clothing Foundation, which is part of the Culture and Islamic Guidance Ministry.

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