United States: New York ban on 'tiger selfies'

New York has banned posing with big cats in photos Image copyright AFP
Image caption Getting close to tigers is now an offence in the state of New York

The state of New York has effectively banned the popular trend of taking "selfie" photos with tigers or big cats by saying people are no longer allowed near dangerous animals at zoos, circuses and carnivals.

The new law comes after the online-dating app Tinder saw a surge of photos - mainly of men - posting profile pictures of themselves next to tigers and other big cats. The phenomenon has come to be known as the "tiger selfie" - local website Politics on the Hudson reports. A report earlier this year from the Wall Street Journal estimates that one in 10 photos on Tinder has a tiger in it - perhaps because the men want to appear adventurous to potential partners.

But assembly member Linda Rosenthal, who sponsored the bill, tells the Daily News website the measure is there to stop animals from being exploited. Wildlife activists say tiger selfies encourage people to take cubs from big cats who are later neglected, mistreated and abandoned when they grow up. Similar laws are already in force in states such as Mississippi, Arizona and Kansas.

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