Kashmir: Flood victims saved by homemade flag

Rescue helicopter in Kashmir Image copyright Getty Images

A group of Malaysians stranded in the flood-stricken region of Kashmir have been saved after rescuers spotted their homemade flag painted on the roof of their hotel, it's been reported.

Farish Elaina Abdul Hanif, 23, and fourteen friends were in the regional capital Srinagar for her sister's wedding when a nearby dam burst, inundating their hotel, Malaysia's The Star newspaper says. "We fought strong currents and fled to the rooftop to save ourselves," she says. "Within a short time, the initially chest-level flood waters rose to the roof."

The friends put their heads together and came up with a way to use materials on hand - some shirts, a towel and some chilli sauce - to construct a makeshift SOS banner. They spelt out "Malaysia" on the towel with the sauce and hung the shirts to resemble the red and white stripes of their native flag.

The group was later rescued by boat, Farisha Elaina says. Thousands are still waiting to be evacuated in Indian-administered Kashmir after two weeks of flooding and downpours, with Srinagar being the worst-hit area.

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