Japan's low-salt noodles for healthy hounds

Dog noodles from Japan

A Japanese company is launching a new range of noodles for dogs.

Seimenya produces Sanuki Udon thick wheatflour noodles, noted for their square shape and flat edges, and mainly eaten in broth. The company has now cooked up a low-salt variety dubbed "Inu senyou", ("especially for dogs"), reports My Navi website.

The noodles are additive-free and easy for dogs to digest, the firm says, plausibly claiming to have created the "first Sanuki udon dog food in the entire world". My Navi notes the relatively high price of 324 yen (US$3; £1.80) for a 150g noodle-and-broth packet, while the Kotaku website brims with scepticism: "The meal is more a niche, novelty product than anything else, because typical dogs in Japan eat, well, typical dog food."

Readers' comments on the Kotaku page range from wondering whether dogs will be interested in noodles at all to discussing their pets' low tolerance for salt. The consensus is that dogs are "hardly gourmets" and, "whether Tibetan mastiffs or Pekingese", generally "wolf food down as quickly as possible".

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