India: Gold bars and cash found in school lockers

Indian rupee notes in a man's hands Image copyright AFP
Image caption School staff say the lockers where the cash and gold was found haven't been used recently

A locker-cleaning session at an Indian school has uncovered a stash of gold bars and stacks of cash, it's reported.

Employees came across the riches when they were wiping down dirty lockers at the school in the western city of Ahmedabad as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "Clean India" campaign, The Hindu website reports. They discovered five apparently unused lockers in the staff room for which no keys could be found, so staff broke into them. Inside was the unexpected sight of 10m rupees in cash ($160,000; £108,000) in one locker, and more than 2kg (4.4lb) of gold bars in another. According to police, the solid gold is worth nearly 6m rupees.

The school doesn't have a record of who used the lockers and nobody has come forward to claim the contents, according to the NDTV website. The headteacher says the lockers haven't been assigned to anyone during the two years he has been there, and local police are equally flummoxed. "We have questioned many staff members and teachers, but we have been so far unable to trace the person who put those bags into these lockers," says one officer, KK Desai.

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