Iceland: Revellers invited to glacier rave

A view of the ice tunnel Image copyright Into the Glacier
Image caption Chilling out: Anyone who fancies attending the glacial rave will have to travel there in a special ice explorer vehicle

Revellers who are tired of attending raves in fields or disused warehouses can now opt for a more extreme environment - inside an Icelandic glacier.

This month's IceRave event will see a group of party-goers travel hundreds of metres into the country's second largest glacier, Langjokull, the Morgunbladid website reports. As raves go, it's a fairly intimate affair - only 70 people will be able to attend. But organisers promise there is nothing more likely to make your friends jealous "than seeing you party within a glacial cave system in Iceland". The subterranean rave is part of a three-day summer festival called Secret Solstice. The festival's organiser says it's the first ever music event held within a glacier.

The rave has been made possible by the construction of a huge ice tunnel that has been cut into Langjokull. The tunnel, which connects a number of chambers, is 800m (2625ft) long and descends to a depth of 30m below the surface, the website says. Aside from hosting the occasional rave, the ice tunnel also features exhibition space, a cafe and even a little chapel.

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