Spain: 'Hermit wanted' at cliff-top sanctuary

A view of the sanctuary Image copyright Ferran Llorens/Wikimedia
Image caption Anyone who fancies life as a hermit will need to send in a CV and a photo - and speak Catalan

A medieval sanctuary in Spain has put out a job advert to fill a vacancy for a hermit.

Our Lady of the Rock, in the north-eastern region of Catalonia, took to Facebook to list the job's requirements. It says that the successful candidate must "leave all uncivil or immoral activity outside" and will be required to perform "all the proper duties of a hermit". These include guarding and looking after the ancient hermitage, which sits atop a rock overlooking the town of Mont-roig del Camp.

Despite most people's idea of life as a hermit, this particular job involves little seclusion and actually requires the successful applicant to welcome visitors to the sanctuary. Customer service is "essential" and knowledge of the history of Our Lady of the Rock is encouraged. The year-long tenure comes with free accommodation and a stipend of 1,000 euros ($1,100; £730) to cover the whole period.

According to The Local website, a chapel on the site was first mentioned in written records in 1299, and in 1916 it was immortalised in a painting by famous Spanish artist Joan Miro.

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