Danish company offers salary in Pokemon Go currency

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Image caption It won't pay the rent, but a PokeCoin salary might help in the virtual world

A Danish company that struggled to attract applicants for a job vacancy has turned to Pokemon Go for inspiration, offering to pay part of the salary in the game's virtual currency.

Prosys, an IT company based near Copenhagen, says a traditional job advert for the sales team role wasn't doing the trick, Finans business news site reports. It decided to try offering part of the monthly salary of 25,000 kroner ($3,700; £2,900) as PokeCoins, which players can use to buy in-game products, and Pokeballs, for catching the game's characters. The full amount can also be paid into a real-world bank account, if applicants are simply hunting for a job and not a Pokemon.

The company's director says the unconventional reward is meant to be a fun way of making the company stand out with young jobseekers. Lasse Jurek tells the Computer World website that he read about restaurants and other businesses offering discounts to Pokemon Go players, and thought a similar idea could work for his company. "We see children, young people and and adults playing it everywhere. So we thought if that's what it takes, let's try it," he says. Mr Jurek admits he's never played the game, but he's "pretty sure" his children would like his salary to include some PokeCoins.

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