Mouse-sized art appears on Swedish street

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image copyrightAnonymouse
image captionAnonymouse's work has tiny details only visible close-up, including a sign saying which credit cards the restaurant accepts

A miniature street scene has been created at pavement level in a Swedish city, apparently to cater to the local mouse population.

The scene is built into the wall of a building on Bergsgatan, a major thoroughfare in Malmo, and is raising a smile from passers-by who are eagle-eyed enough to notice it, the Sydsvenskan news website reports.

On one side is a tiny French shop called Noix de Vie - Nuts of Life - complete with a window display of pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts to tempt would-be customers inside. Posters outside advertise local rodent-related events, including the release of a horror film called Night of the Were-rat.

Next door, there's the red-and-white-striped awning of the equally petite Italian restaurant Il Topolino - the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. Anyone small enough to dine there could watch the world go by from a table and chairs outside. On the menu: cheese and crackers.

It's all the work of artists called Anonymouse, who detail their creations on Instagram to their 5,000 followers.

Anonymouse's most recent update thanks people for their interest and promises there's more to come: "Without spoiling too much we can tell you that we're working on a new scene, and in 2017 you're going to be able to see plenty more!"

image copyrightAnonymouse
image captionBoth of the little establishments are illuminated at night, just like their full-size neighbours.
image copyrightAnonymouse
image captionNoix de Vie's window display has plates piled high with nuts

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