Netherlands drops 'Holland' in rebranding move

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image captionThe logo may go, but the colour will remain

The Dutch authorities have decided to rebrand their country's international image, with a switch from calling it 'Holland' to 'The Netherlands'.

Ministries and sporting and cultural institutions, along with the country's major cities, came up with a new strategy that aims to be "less promotional and more about content", according to the Adformatie marketing magazine.

The details will be published later in the year, but marketing professionals briefed on the change say the country will sell itself as "co-creating pioneering solutions to global challenges".

Countries and cities have been taking branding more seriously in recent years, either to overcome cliches, present a more positive image, or simply raise awareness.

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The current brand name 'Holland', illustrated with an orange tulip, will change ahead of two key events next year - the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the Eurovision Song Contest, which will be hosted at the Dutch city of Rotterdam in May, the Dutch News site reports.

The country will switch to using 'The Netherlands' in its official branding, including on its international tourism site - which is called for the time being. Orange will remain the Netherlands' official colour - although it isn't clear whether the tulip will survive, says Dutch News.

image captionThe fate of the tulip is not clear

Reporting by Martin Morgan

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