Turkish medics get hitched in PPE

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Couple wearing PPIImage source, Cemre Yetgin/Instagram
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This isn't the white wedding they had in mind

A couple of Turkish healthcare workers whose wedding party was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, have tied the knot wearing personal protective equipment - with their parents watching behind a glass screen.

Once at home, the newlyweds put on their full attire for a symbolic wedding broadcast on Instagram, as their family and friends posted their congratulations.

"Something always went wrong during our engagement ceremony," the bride Cemre Yetgin told BBC Monitoring, explaining the couple's determination to proceed with the ceremony in masks and overalls.

"We had both worked until the previous morning and had one day off, so we used it to get married," she said.

Cemre is a radiology technician, while her husband Yunus Tastemur is an intensive care nurse at a hospital in Istanbul.

They both work with Covid-19 cases on a daily basis, which means that under current social distancing regulations they have to stay in separate accommodation even after the day of their wedding.

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Their job is a big worry for their parents, Cemre's mother Gonul Yetgin told BBC Monitoring.

"It's like I'm sending soldiers to the front every day Cemre and Yunus leave for the hospital," she said.

However, seeing them and their colleagues at the hospital happy "gave us a lot of joy for a few days", she said, adding that she watched the couple's symbolic wedding on Instagram while she cooked in her kitchen.

The couple's friends and colleagues also joined the online ceremony, dancing along with them.

"It was a beautiful ceremony, a memory we'll always cherish. We'll have a beautiful story to tell our children one day," the couple said in a video they shared.

They called on viewers to stay at home, assuring them that "we are here for you, we will continue to work constantly."

Image source, Cemre Yetgin/Instagram
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The young couple couldn't mask their enthusiasm during their Instagram wedding party

Reporting by Dilay Yalcin