Ouch disability talk show 106: The care home crusader

On this month's show: The man in his 30s who lives in a care home and takes companies to task for disability discrimination. Plus, why do some disabled people hate being called inspirational?

Also, cooking with no sight, and why might you choose an assistance monkey over a dog?

Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan present.

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Media captionCooking without sight, life in a care home, and are you inspirational?

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Show notes

Find out more about this month's guests and discussions with our selection of links.

  • Lee Kumutat reports for In Touch, BBC Radio 4's programme for blind and visually impaired people. She compares being disabled in the UK with her experiences in her home country, Australia.
  • Doug Paulley talks about life in his care home and explains why he's brought disability discrimination cases against companies like First Bus and The York Barbican.
  • Comedian Laurence Clark hates being thought of as inspiring so much that he wrote an entire show about it. He's not the only one: Caitlin from disability blog Where's Lulu says people call her inspirational to make themselves feel better. For other disabled people, motivating and inspiring others has become a lucrative career - the studio guests discuss this old disability chestnut as the Winter Paralympics get under way and the I-word becomes popular again.
  • Our citizen journalists this month are Cat Smith (read her blog The Style Con), Ben Allison, and back for the second month running, Wendy Morrell (follow her on Twitter). They're bringing us stories and their analysis of fashion, food banks and assistance monkeys respectively. What's your specialist subject under the disability umbrella? If you'd like to join the ranks of Ouch correspondents, email ouch@bbc.co.uk. Nothing's too niche but we'd prefer you to focus on an aspect of disability life rather than individual impairments.
  • Outside the Lines by US hip-hop duo Counterclockwise ends the show. Read about the group, watch their animated film and listen to more of their songs here..

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