The wheelchair-using mother and daughter... and four more finds

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Thoughts on disability from around the world, as curated by Ouch.

Problem solving while horizontal

Disabled people have "coping skills that make the average reality TV star look like a cry-baby", activist Sue Marsh blogs. She adds that if, like her, you've created solutions while lying in bed you might surprise The Apprentice boss Lord Sugar by doubling your money without leaving the room.

Searching for support workers

Multiple personality disorder is the old name for what is now called dissociative identity disorder. Blogger Carol has it. In this interesting post she says that making choices is hard when different identities control her behaviour. Illustrating how complex this can get, she writes, "I need them to not judge me or my alters, not to aggravate or trigger any one of me and maintain confidentiality at all times."

One Daughter, One Mother, Two Wheelchairs and Nothing Remarkable

Image copyright Ladau Family

Emily Ladau and her mother have a genetic condition which has led to them both needing powerchairs to get around. Describing people's reactions to them in Sunday's New York Times, Emily says: "Some people find us precious and others find us pitiable, but neither mode of thinking is accurate, and both feel condescending". Emily Ladau writes regularly on her own blog Words I Wheel By.

Make it so

The blog Was This in the Plan? is written by a mum called Steph and is about bringing up her disabled daughter Daisy, who has a life-limiting condition. Her latest post talks about the deterioration of Daisy's health and cramming as much fun as possible into the time they have left together. Among other things, the family spent four days in Disneyland Paris recently.

"Inspiration Porn"

This is what Australian comedian and journalist Stella Young calls stories intended to inspire.

She's tired of them and said so in a recent TEDX talk. Phrases like: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude" don't motivate her, yet she says she leaps into action when she hears how you can now charge your phone with your wheelchair battery, or how useful barbecue tongs are for picking things up off the floor from a wheelchair.

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