Ouch disability talk show 112: Green juice v bacon rolls

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On this month's show - the nutritiously popular blogger who swapped medication for a plant-based diet and how social media can help people with mental health difficulties.

Also, after the recent Disability Pride parade in Belfast, we ask can you be "proud" of being disabled? And a look at what's in Ouch's diary for the coming month.

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Kate Monaghan and Rob Crossan present.

Your monthly way in to disability news with chat, humour and the little things of life.

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More about this month's guests and discussions:

Image source, NAtasha Lipman
  • Natasha Lipman (pictured above) is a blogger. She has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. When she developed two additional medical conditions last year and medication wasn't working, she decided to slowly come off all prescription drugs and begin treating herself with food. She blogs about her experiences.
  • Gabriel McBird is also interested in food. He reviews food, drink and eating establishments and has recorded over 700 audioBoom reviews. As a blind person he is particularly interested in how accessible he finds the service at restaurants. Listen to his reviews.
  • Also joining Rob and Kate in the studio is Mark Brown, the former editor of mental health magazine One in Four. He tweets at @MarkOneinFour.
  • Our Ouch News section comes from BBC Ouch's Kathleen Hawkins who reports on what is coming up in the disability diary for October including the sentencing of South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius and a new exhibition for Dadafest.

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Producer: Damon Rose

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