Ouch talk show 113: Did you say 'inspiration porn'?

Presenters Rob and Kate and guests Tim and Jack

On this month's show - comedian Stella Young doesn't want to be considered an inspiration just for being disabled, and Bad Education star Jack Binstead on setting up his own YouTube channel.

Also, a 43-year-old husband and father with cystic fibrosis on how he stays positive with a shorter life expectancy. And our citizen correspondent on being cautious about reports of scientific breakthroughs.

With Rob Crossan and Kate Monaghan.

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Show notes

More about this month's guests and discussions:

  • Stella Young is a comedian and journalist from Australia. She recently gave a TED Talk in which she humorously discusses what she calls "inspiration porn" - where a disabled person does something they believe to be entirely normal yet is held up as inspiring for doing so. She considers it to be damaging.
  • Tim Wotton has cystic fibrosis, a life-shortening lung condition. At 43 he has lived far beyond the expectations of doctors. He's a family man, a business consultant and plays hockey for a local team. He writes about life with CF in a blog and talks about his book on the show.
  • Also joining Rob and Kate in the studio is wheelchair athlete turned comedy actor Jack Binstead. He has started video blogging (vlogging) on his own YouTube channel.
  • Our news item comes from Ouch's cures correspondent Jocelyn Tomkinson in Vancouver, who has her own disability podcast.

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Producer: Damon Rose,

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