Osborne 'unspun', and the 'poppy plot'

The i lead looks at George Osborne's claim that he has negotiated a halving of the amount Britain has to pay the EU as a top-up of its budget contributions. The paper says European leaders are accusing the chancellor of "an accounting trick" and opponents have accused him of "spinning" the story.

The Guardian The Guardian has the same story on its front. The headline accuses Mr Osborne of "sleight of hand" in his claim, and a Labour spokeswoman is quoted as saying the chancellor had used "smoke and mirrors" in how he presented the amount of budgetary surcharge that the UK had to pay.
Daily Mail The other big story for Saturday's press is the arrest of four men in London and the South East on suspicion of being part of an Islamist terror plot. The Daily Mail says the timing of the arrests has fuelled speculation that there could have been an attack planned to be carried out on Remembrance Sunday.
The Times The Times also carries speculation that such a plot existed. The paper notes that security sources have refused to be drawn over any suspected targets the alleged plotters may have had in mind.
Daily Telegraph The Daily Telegraph notes the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph in London this year will be marked by the tightest security measures seen since the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.
The Sun The Sun's front page speculates that there was a plot to attack the Queen when she attends a Royal British Legion event ahead of the Remembrance commemoration.
The Daily Mirror The Daily Mirror's front page covers the jailing of a woman who fooled a man into thinking she had given birth to his child. Charmaine Wilson borrowed a friend's toddler to dupe Liam Griffiths into thinking he had fathered a child after a one night stand.
Daily Star The Daily Star's front has a picture of Cerys Yemm, the 22-year-old murdered by a man in what is said to have been a "cannibalistic" attack.
The Independent The Independent top story says Britain's energy market is set for "a revolution" as local authorities in a number of areas are looking to set up their own electricity and gas retailing companies which will undercut "the big six" firms who currently dominate the market.
Daily Express The Daily Express's lead features six "simple lifestyle changes" which could reverse the onset of Type 2 diabetes, according to an expert in the condition.
Financial Times The Financial Times Weekend's top story says a plunge in the value of the rouble raises the possibility that Russia may be heading for a financial crisis. The paper notes the currency dropped 8% in one day, its biggest one-day fall in 11-years.

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