Newspaper headlines: Labour turmoil, post-Brexit politics and Wimbledon siblings

The Daily Mail describes it as a "chaotic day in which the Labour Party went into meltdown". The resignations of a series of shadow cabinet members following the UK vote to leave the EU come under scrutiny in Monday's press.

Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, says the Times, is facing a "leadership ultimatum".

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Image caption The Labour leader found himself the centre of attention after Sunday's resignations

With Brexit raising the prospect of a snap general election this year, figures from across the party told him they were resigning because he was not capable of securing victory, it reports.

According to the Daily Mirror, former minister John Spellar is being tipped as a stalking horse candidate after rebel MPs collected the 51 names needed to trigger a coup attempt over Mr Corbyn's failure to inspire enough Labour voters to back Remain.

The Guardian says the resignations will pitch politicians against the members who elected Mr Corbyn by an overwhelming majority "in a battle for the heart of the Labour Party".

Mr Corbyn was left reeling but has already vowed to fight for the leadership and, adds the paper, will try to confront the crisis as he enters emergency talks with his deputy Tom Watson.

Mr Corbyn's parliamentary authority was leeching away, writes Nigel Morris in the i, and suggests the events amounted to "the gravest test of his leadership to date".

Battle for Number 10

The lead story in the Daily Mail focuses on what it sees as a campaign by the "bitter losers" in the EU referendum to force a second vote.

"A string of senior figures in Britain and Europe yesterday attempted to undermine the democratic will of the British people by sabotaging Brexit," it says.

Meanwhile, the Daily Express reports David Cameron has come under pressure to speed up his departure from Downing Street as concerns grew that a "stitch-up" is being plotted to scupper Britain's exit.

Turning to the Tory leadership contest, the Daily Telegraph says George Osborne has been offered the opportunity to stay chancellor or become foreign secretary in a bid to secure his support for Boris Johnson.

The Sun reports it comes after Justice Secretary Michael Gove gave his backing to fellow Leave campaigner Mr Johnson and the duo attempt to persuade other hopefuls to give the former London mayor a "free run to unite the Tories".

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Image caption The Sun says Michael Gove is now leading the push to make Boris Johnson PM

But the Daily Mail says Theresa May will enter the race this week "triggering a fierce battle for the premiership" with the claim she can secure the best post-Brexit deal.

Mr Johnson uses his regular column in the Daily Telegraph to say the "negative consequences" of an EU exit are being "wildly overdone" by those who seek to overturn the referendum result.

According to the Financial Times, Britain is facing the "stark reality of crumbling influence on the world stage" after turmoil triggered by the vote to exit the EU plunged the country into domestic political instability.

What the commentators say...

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Media captionJim Waterson, politics editor at BuzzFeed UK, and Rosamund Urwin, columnist for the London Evening Standard, join the BBC News Channel to review Monday's front pages

The leader writers on... post-Brexit politics

  • "A country in peril, without a functioning government, needs an office-ready opposition - to ask the awkward questions, warn against wild swerves, and force somebody on the government side to explain what is going on" Guardian
  • "Tories and Labour alike flounder around wondering how to exploit the result to their personal advantage. If they carry on like this, we'll be doomed to months of zombie government... The people have spoken. It's now up to Parliament to enact their wishes" Daily Mail
  • "We need a government of differing shades united in one goal: Delivering the new deal. That means enlisting experienced business people to advise on the negotiations, because they are too important to be left to the Sir Humphreys of Whitehall" Daily Express
  • "Labour faces an implosion under a leader incapable of articulating a coherent centre-left alternative for navigating Britain through economic storms and diplomatic isolation... Removing Mr Corbyn is urgent and essential" Times
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  • "All sides need to understand just how high the stakes are. The cohesion of Europe and the unity of of the West have been badly dented by the British vote. The imperative now is to salvage as much as possible from the wreckage" Financial Times
  • "Project Fear has not gone away. There is a tangible sense that some of those who were on the losing side in the EU referendum are almost willing a calamity in order to damn those who voted for Brexit" Daily Telegraph
  • "We are living through seismic events. In the modern world a day is too long for most decisions. Waiting a third of a year to have a new PM is not just stupid, it is dangerous" Sun
  • "There's unparalleled mayhem in Britain's two main political parties as the shock of an epoch-defining referendum reverberates in every corner of the land" Daily Mirror

Eye-catching headlines

  • Eau de comet . . . perfect when you need some space: British researchers develop a perfume with a scent "sniffed" from the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko by the Philae lander Times
  • 11 million have Somme hero to remember on memorial: Research to mark the 100th anniversary of the deadliest day in the history of the Army suggests millions of Britons have an ancestor who fought at the World War One battle Daily Mirror
  • Eureka! Shampoo bottle that lets you use every last drop: Scientists at Ohio State University create a lining that allows soap to pour cleanly out of plastic containers, reducing waste and irritation Daily Mail

Siblings on court

As Wimbledon swings into action, the Financial Times says organisers are jostling with the world's three other Grand Slam tennis tournaments for supremacy.

It reports on a multi-million-pound modernisation plan to create a "21st century venue that... maintains the spirit of the tennis in an English garden".

The Daily Mirror carries news of a reunion at the All England Club for the ball boys supplied by children's charity Barnado's between 1946 and 1966.

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As for this year's tournament, the Times says "family business is thriving in SW19" with three sets of siblings from Britain due to compete. Like Andy and Jamie Murray, the families of Liam and Naomi Broady and Ken and Neal Skupski decided to reject the Lawn Tennis Association's help in training, it notes.

And there is also news of a player who will not be participating.

The Daily Telegraph is among several papers to feature a photograph Russian player Maria Sharapova has tweeted of herself sitting outside Harvard Business School. The 29-year-old - currently fighting two-year ban for a doping offence - is said to have just enlisted on a course there.

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