Newspaper headlines: Bomber on CCTV and Tory election 'nerves'

A picture of Salman Abedi, captured on CCTV shortly before he carried out the Manchester attack, features on many front pages.

Image copyright Greater Manchester Police

The Sunday Times says he betrayed no emotion as he embarked on "a mission of murder".

The headline in the Sunday Express is "On his way to kill" - while the Daily Star Sunday describes the image as "the face of evil" and calls him as a "twisted loser".

The Sun on Sunday says the photo was taken in a lift as he made his way to Manchester Arena from Victoria Station.

Elsewhere, the Mail on Sunday reports on claims that the British intelligence services were warned by the FBI in January that Abedi was planning an attack on a political target in Britain.

Writing in the Sun on Sunday, Theresa May says if re-elected the government would take tougher action to identify and fight extremism.

She states "enough is enough" - saying the country needs to be more resolute in standing up to those "who hate our values and want to destroy the freedoms we hold dear".

In the Sunday Mirror, former Labour deputy prime minister John Prescott says the reason the Army had been deployed on the streets is the government's cuts to the emergency services. He calls for an agreement on the minimum level of police, hospitals, fire service and social services needed to combat and respond to terrorism.

The Sunday Telegraph has an interview with Security Minister Ben Wallace in which he accuses internet companies of being "ruthless money-makers" who have deceived the government over tackling terror online.

In what the paper describes as the strongest such intervention by a minister to date, he claims data encryption is allowing jihadist cells to emerge unnoticed.

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Flight delay 'chaos'

The cancellation of British Airways flights at Heathrow and Gatwick airports after a collapse of its IT systems features in a number of papers.

Image copyright Getty Images

BA now says it is aiming to resume most flights but the Sunday Telegraph says the "chaos" is expected to last several days.

It reports it is the sixth time in a year BA passengers have faced delays because of an IT breakdown.

The Sunday Mirror says 300,000 travellers have been stranded. It claims BA could face £150m in compensation payments, which would be the largest amount in aviation history.

Tory relaunch

A number of papers report on opinion polls suggesting a narrowing of the Conservatives' lead, less than two weeks before the general election.

The headline in the Observer is "Tory nerves begin to fray as Corbyn dramatically narrows May's lead".

It says the polling figures suggest Theresa May's decision to call a snap election, and focus the campaign almost entirely on her leadership, may be backfiring.

The Sunday Telegraph thinks the drop is down to a surge in support for Jeremy Corbyn from women. It adds Labour's manifesto appears to have played better with the public than the Conservatives' pitch.

According to the Sunday Times, the Tories are to relaunch what it calls their "faltering" election campaign. It reports senior strategist Sir Lynton Crosby has ordered a return to the party's core message - that only Theresa May can be trusted to negotiate Brexit.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times says Ireland is poised to have the gay son of an Indian immigrant as its next prime minister.

It reports Leo Varadkar, the minister for social protection, is set to succeed Enda Kenny as leader of the Fine Gael party this week, and as PM next month. The former GP, would - at the age of 38 - be Ireland's youngest leader.

Royal 'living on adrenaline'

In what it bills as a "royal exclusive", the Mail on Sunday reports on a series of comments the Duchess of Cornwall has made to her friends in the run up to her 70th birthday - and teams it with a new photograph taken of her at home by photographer Hugh Burnand.

Image copyright PA

Camilla describes her life of royal duties as like living on adrenaline and talks about "collapsing in a heap" at the end of the day.

But, 12 years after her marriage to Prince Charles, she admits that she never thinks about becoming Queen.