Newspaper headlines: 'Shock poll predicts Tory losses'

Jeremy Corbyn arriving at the BBC Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn arriving at the BBC on Tuesday

Jeremy Corbyn comes under fire for his appearance on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour on Tuesday, when he was unable to give the cost of Labour's promise to provide free child care for two-to-four year olds.

The Daily Mail calls it an "excruciating exchange" and a "car crash".

Under the headline "Radio Gaga", the Sun says Mr Corbyn was "humiliated".

The Daily Mirror, though, says the Labour leader "stumbled briefly" on Woman's Hour - and was "relaxed and on good form" on The One Show on BBC One later on.

The Times and the Mail report that Woman's Hour presenter Emma Barnett suffered anti-Semitic abuse from Mr Corbyn's supporters on Twitter after the interview, with claims she was a "Zionist stooge".

Mr Corbyn said later she was "doing her job" - and dissociated himself from the comments.

Several papers report that Mr Corbyn went on to infuriate users of website Mumsnet by cutting short a live webchat.

It was a "disastrous day of campaigning" for the Labour leader, says the Daily Telegraph.

The i newspaper says it has been told by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt that his hopes for boosting the numbers of NHS doctors and nurses rely on a "good Brexit".

Mr Hunt has announced plans to increase medical school places by up to a quarter and pledged to recruit 5,000 more GPs, extra nurses and 10,000 more mental health workers.

He told the paper: "Everyone knows there's no magic money tree and in the end the Brexit negotiations will determine whether our economy stays strong, and we can keep on putting money into the NHS."

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A couple of the papers look back on the life of Manuel Noriega, the former dictator of Panama, who has died at the age of 83.

The Mail calls him the "voodoo monster who made a fool of America" and a cocaine-snorting killer who practised black magic with vats of blood and animal entrails.

He was a "CIA agent for decades, even as he made hundreds of millions of dollars flooding the US with cocaine and marijuana".

According to the Telegraph, Noriega "appeared indomitable at the head of one of the world's most corrupt regimes, until being toppled by the Americans in 1989".

But, the paper says, he is reported to have become a born-again Christian during his subsequent years of incarceration.

The Daily Mirror, the Sun and the Mail claim new information has emerged about the Mercedes Princess Diana was travelling in when she died in a Paris tunnel in 1997.

A documentary on French television has heard allegations that the car was a dangerous write-off which had been rebuilt after rolling over several times in a previous crash.

One of the drivers employed by the Paris Ritz hotel is said to have warned two months before Diana's death that the car should be disposed of, as it would go out of control if driven above 37mph.

There is widespread praise for the decision by singer Ariana Grande to return to Manchester on Sunday for a concert in honour of the victims of the Arena bombing.

The Daily Express calls her "defiant", after she wrote on social media: "We will not quit or operate in fear."

She will be joined by what the Daily Star calls "a galaxy of music giants", including Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry and Take That.

It'll be the "mother of all gigs" says the paper.