Newspaper headlines: London attack dominates front pages

By BBC News

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Man on ground at Borough MarketImage source, Gabriele Sciotto

The papers are dominated by the London attack in which seven people were killed and 48 injured.

Some try to unpick the background of at least one of the attackers while many highlight and praise the heroic actions of the emergency services and passers-by.

The Daily Express has an exclusive picture of three men it says were the London attackers "sauntering" through Borough Market "during their murderous mission".

Meanwhile the Times, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror and the Sun all show the men lying dead on the ground, including the one who wore a fake suicide vest, after police had opened fire. The Mail says they were stopped in their tracks.

The Sun has the headline: "Jihadi killer in an Arsenal shirt". It says the ringleader was a home-grown terrorist who was believed to have been radicalised over the past year.

Neighbours, relatives and friends are quoted by the papers as saying he was a family man and express surprise he could do such a thing. But the Daily Telegraph says a neighbour told the BBC's Asian Network she reported him to the police after he tried to radicalise her children, but the authorities had failed to act.

Image source, Giovanni Sagristani
Image caption,
Carlos (left) and Giovanni gave first aid to a woman who was stabbed by one of the attackers

The story of the "monsters and heroes" is retold by the Daily Mirror. Among the heroes - it says - were policemen who took on the gang using batons and their bare hands, and also revellers who threw tables, chairs and glasses at them. They weren't going to stand back, the paper says.

Under the headline, "Heroes", the Daily Star also salutes what it calls the people's army made up of passers-by and the "amazing" eight-minute response time of the armed police. Their actions, it says, saved dozens of lives.

The i paper has a picture of armed police in protective gear coming down escalators in the Shard skyscraper - alongside the headline: "Defiant". It says the election is going ahead as political leaders and the public refuse to let terrorism interfere with democracy.

Above its masthead, the paper declares: "We will not be cowed. Justice and democracy will prevail".

Meanwhile, investigators are racing to find out how Britain's counter-terrorism defences were breached for the third time in 10 weeks, the Guardian says.

The Mail reports that one of the assailants had featured in a TV documentary about British jihadis.

According to the Telegraph, police secretly recorded an alleged terror cell in Barking last month discussing how to use Youtube to plot a van and knife attack in London. It says police had been monitoring the cell in Barking, east London since March.

The headlines in the Guardian, the Financial Times, the Mail and the Express highlight what Theresa May said outside Downing Street - with the Mail saying: "Bloody day all of Britain said: enough is enough".

The FT says her response to the London Bridge attack marked a sharp escalation in rhetoric. With the election days away - it adds - the prime minister is under pressure to show she is on top of the terrorist threat. But the Mirror says she ignored her own suspension of campaigning with a highly political speech.