Newspaper review: Grenfell Tower - 'Inside hell'

Image caption Relief efforts at Grenfell Tower "descended into chaos" amid reports survivors were being rehoused hundreds of miles away and had failed to receive more than £20 from the government's emergency fund, the Times reports. The paper says criticism of ministers' response to the disaster forced them to publish detailed plans about the £5m relief fund.
Image caption The Daily Mail is one of a number of papers to feature an image showing the devastation inside a flat in Grenfell Tower on its front page. The paper quotes a police chief as saying the conditions inside the tower "verged on the indescribable".
Image caption The Metro's front page also has a photo of the gutted remains of a flat inside Grenfell Tower. Under the headline "Inside hell tower", it says the images show the flames consumed nearly everything in their path.
Image caption "Inside hell" is the headline on the front of the Daily Mirror, with the paper reporting that the death toll is set to rise.
Image caption The Financial Times is one of several papers to lead on the Brexit negotiations that begin on Monday, reporting that Philip Hammond is to campaign to put business concerns at the heart of talks. It reports that the chancellor will say the country must leave the EU "via a slope, not a cliff-edge", but the paper notes he will also confirm the UK is leaving both the single market and customs union - contrary to the hopes of some business leaders and MPs.
Image caption European leaders fear the UK could end up with a "brutal Brexit" because of the fragility of Theresa May's minority government, the Guardian reports. The leaders are said by the paper to be worried that the government will be unable to negotiate "viable terms" on the UK's exit from the EU and maintain a position that does not "fall apart".
Image caption The Daily Express strikes a more upbeat tone, saying "confidence is high" ahead of Brexit Secretary David Davis arriving in Brussels for the talks.
Image caption Meanwhile, Mr Davis has emerged as a "unity candidate" to succeed Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party, according to the Daily Telegraph. The paper says he was tipped for the post by allies of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, after Mrs May's position as prime minister was further destabilised when several cabinet ministers failed to offer her long-term support.
Image caption TV presenter Ant McPartlin is not being allowed to have his phone or receive visitors while in rehab, the Sun reports. McPartlin has checked himself into rehab for a prescription drug and alcohol problem, according to the paper.
Image caption Declan Donnelly thanked fans for sending message of support to his friend and co-host Ant McPartlin, after it emerged McPartlin had checked himself into rehab, the Daily Star reports.