Newspaper headlines: Mosque 'maniac' and 'hero imam'

Several front pages give prominence to a picture of Darren Osborne, the 47-year-old suspect being held after a van was driven into worshippers leaving a mosque in Finsbury Park.

The Sun, Daily Mirror and Guardian instead focus on the imam, Mohammed Mahmoud, credited with protecting the driver from the angry crowd.

The Mirror's main headline calls him "the hero of the mosque".

An editorial in the Daily Telegraph heaps praise on Mr Mahmoud, saying his actions "show the values that unite us".

The Daily Express says he played down his heroism, but quotes one of the men who pinned the suspect to the ground saying that the only reason he is still alive is because of the imam's intervention.

'Parliamentary plots'

According to the Daily Telegraph, David Davis and the European Union have "slammed the door on any hope of a soft Brexit", as formal negotiations get under way in Brussels.

Confirmation from the Brexit secretary that Britain would be leaving the customs union and the single market is described by the paper "as a move designed to scupper any parliamentary plots to water down the terms of the UK's withdrawal".

The Guardian says British negotiators have "capitulated" to key European demands for a phased approach to the talks - agreeing to park discussions on free trade until they have worked out the cost of the divorce settlement.

"Round One to the EU" is the Daily Mirror's verdict.

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There are many photos from the minute's silence at Grenfell Tower on Monday morning.

The Daily Express shows tearful firefighters who had paused their work, standing by the hundreds of messages and floral tributes left at the site.

"The heroes wept as heartbroken families held them tight," says the Daily Mirror, "No-one will be the same again."

Hundreds of children in England aged six and under are being prescribed anti-depressants, according to the Times. The data has been released by the NHS under a Freedom of Information request.

The paper says experts fear doctors may be prescribing the drugs because of a lack of access to psychological therapies.

A spokesman for the charity Young Minds says it is "worrying". He tells the paper there can be a role for medication - but it should not be used as a sticking-plaster because of poor access to talking therapies.

There are warm tributes to the children's television presenter, Brian Cant, who has died at the age of 83.

According to the Daily Mirror, he "lit up millions of young lives". The Times says his clear diction, easy manner and infectious sense of fun made him an obvious choice for the role of entertaining millions during the so-called "golden age" of children's television.