Newspaper headlines: 'I wanted out' says Prince Harry

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The Mail on Sunday says Prince Harry once "wanted out" of the Royal Family, and considered living an "ordinary" life.

In an interview, Harry says that when he was at Eton he just wanted to be a "bad boy" - and after he left the army he didn't want to grow up.

But the prince changed his mind and decided to find a role for himself - and, he says, was primarily motivated by his loyalty to the Queen.

The Observer says the government has made a U-turn on fire safety in new schools, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The paper understands previous guidance, which has now been dropped, didn't require sprinklers to be installed.

According to the paper the move is evidence of a dramatic shift across government; from a previous preoccupation with deregulation and cost-cutting, to a safety-first attitude.

The Sun on Sunday says the prime minister has sent for the former foreign secretary and Conservative leader, Lord Hague, to "rebuild" the shattered Tory brand.

The paper understands that Mrs May has a place for him in an inner circle of advisers, and that she would like to harness his experience to avoid a repeat of the "foul-ups" which led to the party losing its majority.

The boss of one of Britain's largest NHS trusts has told The Sunday Times that patients who are dying should be allowed to go on a final holiday with their family, rather than be subjected to gruelling treatment.

Professor Marcel Levi, the chief executive of University College London Hospitals, believes that sometimes the NHS is wasting time and money.

The doctor, who is Dutch, says in the Netherlands it's common for patients to state they've had enough treatment and they don't want to go back into intensive care.

Meanahile, The Sunday Mirror reports that the Britain's Got Talent star, Susan Boyle, is being "terrorised" by a group of up to fifteen teenage thugs in her hometown of Blackburn in West Lothian.

The paper says the singer has sold 25 million records and earned £26m but prefers to live in the former council house she grew up in.

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