Newspaper headlines: Trump Jr 'treason', and 'Jo the Konquerer'

Donald Trump Jr Image copyright EPA
Image caption Donald Trump Jr appears in a number of the papers

The Daily Telegraph leads on claims that Donald Trump Jr is facing a possible "treason" investigation after emails showed he welcomed an offer of Russian state assistance to influence the outcome of the US election.

The Guardian believes the messages spell "big trouble" for the president, as they look like the first concrete proof of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

The Financial Times quotes a former Watergate prosecutor who says the emails may not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Trump camp was willing to accept help from a hostile government, but "we're getting pretty damn close".

An editorial in the Daily Mirror says the mounting evidence of collusion is a crisis for the US and the world.

It says that as a former host of the US version of The Apprentice, Donald Trump must now be worried that the country is about to tell him: "You're fired!"

Big tobacco

An investigation by the Guardian lays bare what the paper calls "Big Tobacco's dirty battle for the African market".

It accuses leading cigarette manufacturers of resorting to intimidatory tactics and legal action to try to force governments to water down the kind of protections and health campaigns that have saved millions of lives in the West.

One of the firms named, British American Tobacco, denies that it is opposed to tobacco regulation, but says it reserves the right to ask courts to intervene where it believes regulations may not comply with the law.

The Times leads on the findings of a House of Lords' report which says that a Royal Navy and EU mission to combat people smuggling in the Mediterranean has caused more migrants to die at sea. It says the tactic of using warships to destroy traffickers' boats has led to migrants leaving the Libyan coast in less seaworthy vessels.

The Daily Mail calls the mission the "£15m migrant farce".

The Telegraph highlights a study that says that jetting off on an annual summer holiday is so bad for global warming that it wipes out the benefits of 20 years of recycling.

According to the paper, researchers in Sweden and Canada found that saving and sorting rubbish has far less impact when compared with cutting down on flights, ditching the car or switching to a vegetarian diet.

Images of a fist-pumping Johanna Konta during her latest victory at Wimbledon are featured on the front and back pages.

The Mirror says she is the toast of the nation after becoming the first British woman to reach a singles semi-final at the All England Club in nearly 40 years.

The Telegraph calls her the "history maker", while the Daily Express says Konta is just one match from fulfilling her lifelong dream of a Wimbledon final.

Several papers have tracked down the Chelsea Pensioner who was helped by Konta to take a celebratory picture of the two of them as she left Centre Court.

Sergeant John Griffiths, 72, is quoted as saying that the British player is a "brilliant lady" and a "fighter".

The Sun and the Daily Star dub him the "selfie pensioner".

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