Newspaper headlines: Benefit credit call and energy prices cap

Benefits money Image copyright PA

Two separate revolts by Conservative MPs make the lead for the Daily Telegraph and the i.

The i reports on the news that dozens of Conservatives have joined opposition MPs in signing a letter demanding that the prime minister honour her manifesto pledge to cap energy prices.

And the Telegraph says 12 Tory MPs have written to the work and pensions secretary demanding a pause in the roll-out of universal credit - which combines six different benefits into a single payment.

According to the paper, the MPs are concerned that claimants lose out when they switch from their existing benefit because there is a six-week delay as they change over.

The Daily Mail focuses on a report that says thousands of women are dying unnecessarily of breast cancer because of a "dereliction of duty" by ministers.

According to the paper, the Breast Cancer Now charity says progress on tackling the disease in the UK has "stalled" because women are missing out on the latest treatments due to the rigid and bureaucratic NHS drugs rationing system.

NHS England tells the paper that as well as upgrading modern radiotherapy equipment and ensuring faster access to the most promising new cancer drugs, the health service is investing £200m over the next two years in faster diagnosis and modern treatment.

The exclusion of cricketer Ben Stokes from selection for international fixtures until further notice leads to lively debate in British and in the Australian papers.

The Sun says there are suitable punishments for the England vice-captain after his arrest following a fracas in Bristol earlier this week - but leaving him out of the Ashes, and robbing the national team of his talent, is not one.

The Sydney Morning Herald says Australians want to see Stokes too, but this is not about entertainment, it is about the law.

Nor is it a situation of England's making, but entirely of his own, the paper goes on.

He has left the the England cricket authorities with little choice and ample pain, it adds.

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The Independent says the European Parliament is to call for Northern Ireland to stay in the single market and customs union in order to protect the "integrity" of the EU's borders.

According to the website, a report by MEPs has concluded that it is the best solution to the problem of ensuring there is no border in Ireland.

It would mean continued free movement on the island of Ireland, with customs checks instead taking place at ports on the Irish Sea for visitors travelling between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Department for Brexit tells the website the draft report was issued before the end of this week's negotiations - and does not take into account the further progress made on the issue.

Finally, how long do you spend washing your hands after going to the toilet or touching pet, or before eating?

According to the Mail, experts say the answer should be 20 seconds - long enough to sing Happy Birthday twice.

The Sun says a survey by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, which is issuing the advice, found that 84% of people do not wash their hands for long enough.