Newspaper headlines: Budget 'ambush' and transition deal plea

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The Daily Mirror leads with a claim that 50 children a week are now referred to gender realignment clinics - some as young as four.

A gender dysphoria expert and a clinical psychologist tell the paper the rise in cases could be the result of a growing acceptance of gender issues.

However, another gender expert cautions that it could be be "a fad among parents who indulge their children".

Elsewhere on Monday, business leaders take to the Financial Times to "sharply criticise the state of capitalism".

A panel of more than 50 leading figures in finance, business and policymaking describe capitalism as in need of reform, as "management greed, corporate tax dodging and investor short-termism" have caused it to "lose its way", focusing too much on delivering for shareholders, rather than increasing productivity.

Papers 'cool again'

The Times reports that US President Donald Trump's dismissal of so much of the media as "fake news" has led to a rise in young Americans paying for newspaper subscriptions.

Online payments for news have gone up 7% in the past year in the United States.

The Times says Mr Trump's "tirades" have persuaded millennials that print media is cool again.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the paper argues that investment in quality journalism is needed now more than ever.

"No mercy for the jihadis", declares the Daily Express, as it welcomes the suggestion by government minister Rory Stewart that the "only way" to deal with British fighters for the Islamic State group is to kill them.

In its comment piece, the paper says it is "refreshing to hear a government minister speak forthrightly" on the issue.

"Those we spare will not hesitate to return to our shores and murder us," it goes on, adding: "They have forfeited any right to mercy."

Royals go platinum

As the government brings in measures to tackle so-called health tourism in the UK, the Daily Telegraph reports that there has been a trebling in the past three years in the number of British nationals seeking healthcare overseas.

The paper says record waiting times prompted almost 144,000 people to go abroad for treatment last year, compared with 48,000 in 2014.

In other news, the Queen and Prince Philip are keeping their platinum wedding anniversary celebrations low key by refusing to hold a national celebration to mark the event next month, according to the Daily Express.

The paper says they will be the first Royal couple in Britain to celebrate 70 years of marriage.

But it points out they have a little way to go to beat the world record for the longest Royal marriage: Japan's Prince Mikasa and Yuriko, Princess Mikasa, were together for 75 years.

Finally, the tabloids offer up some grim weather prospects for the coming season.

The Daily Mirror warns of the potential for 120mph (193km/h) winds.

The Daily Star predicts there will be a calm before the storm - a mini-heatwave later this week, with temperatures of 21C (70F).

And the Daily Express forecasts a "choppy winter of discontent", with 11 more potentially damaging storms between now and the new year.

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